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What to Look For When Choosing a Double Sink in Your Master Bath

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Depending on your family’s lifestyle, installing a Double Sink in your Master Bath can be an exciting way to use extra space and increase the functionality in your bathroom, while other families are okay with one sink since they claim to never get ready at the same time. However, when thinking about the resale value of your home, many homeowners want a double sink in the master bathroom, if space is available. Families with children also like when an area for each child is designated so that they can get ready faster in the morning.

Before deciding to add a double sink, here are a  there are a few things to take into consideration:

The first thing to think about is whether or not your bathroom is large enough for a double sink. If your bathroom space is less than 60” then we would not recommend a double sink. Installing a double sink into a space smaller than 60” would leave little to no counter space and it would look extremely crowded.

We love that when it comes to choosing a material for your countertop you have a few different options. Although, many families opt to go with marble, which is easy to use in a bathroom because there are no acids or chopping like in a kitchen. Others choose to go with quartz for the ease of cleaning and the clean look.

Types of Sinks to consider:
Undermount Sinks – The under-mount sink is the most commonly used sink. It is installed under the countertop, and are considered easy to clean while saving space.

Drop-In Sinks – Some applications call for a more traditional look or if reusing a countertop drop-in sink can be used. Drop-in sinks can help add height to a lower countertop since they sit higher on the counter.

Single Drop-in Sink Example, Arlington, VA
Elegant Drop-In Sink Example

Vessel Sinks – Vessel sinks are great for powder rooms or a bathroom without frequent use. As they take more space and sometimes it’s hard to clean around them, but they are beautiful and add design detail to the area.

Trough Sink in Guest Bathroom
Beautiful Trough Sink in guest bathroom

Trough Sinks – Trough sinks are great if you are short on space, but still want a double sink. It is one long sink that usually has enough space for two faucets. When deciding on a trough sink make sure you still have a countertop left for everything else you need.

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