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Things To Consider When Designing Your Luxury Kitchen

Photo of a kitchen design project in Ashburn VA featuring a soothing gray and blue color palette and quality hardware

When fitting a new kitchen with a focus on luxury, it’s all about finding the perfect blend of long-lasting functionality with top-of-the-line finishes and advanced technology. A luxury kitchen is the hub of any modern home. Whether you are a trained chef or a self-proclaimed foodie, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and it’s a worthwhile investment to create a space you love. Our goal is to create a kitchen that provides the elegance you crave with the functionality you require.

Luxury Kitchen Design

Magazine-worthy kitchens should make a statement. An elegant range hood, a show-stopping backsplash, or creative seating are great options to create an inspired space. Integrated appliances create clean lines and the material options can be colorful, sleek, elaborate or elegant to match your personal style.

There’s nothing more luxurious than a customized room, which means each design starts with you. What are your priorities? What is your kitchen used most for? Are you a baker? A coffee connoisseur? Do you prepare meals as a family? Where do you anticipate needing the most space to effectively and efficiently move around your kitchen? Deciding what you want, and what you don’t want, lays the foundation for stunning designs.

Creating Your Kitchen Layout

A beautiful kitchen starts with an inspired layout. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. While L-shape and galley kitchens can be transformed into lovely spaces, most luxury designs start with a U-shaped space. While we tend to think of large open kitchens when we consider luxury, with the right choices, a kitchen of any size can be transformed. Your square footage should not keep you from having an exceptional and elegant space.

Beyond Standard Function

Luxury is all about the details. A shiny countertop, the smooth appliance surface, and the perfect drawer pull are all elements that make a beautiful impression.

  • Countertops: The counters are an important aspect of every kitchen design. Professional designers help you explore the options and can guide you to surfaces that are both beautiful and practical. By considering functionality along with the aesthetic, we’re able to provide choices that last, are easy to clean and care for, and work with the other design elements within the space.

Granite and marble are classic countertops, and concrete has become a popular choice with many customization options. Wood butcher blocks create a stunning farmhouse chic style, but they do require more maintenance than other options. There are many exciting elements to choose from when designing a dream kitchen.

  • Appliances: After the countertops, it’s all about the appliances. Typically, a bulky appliance is not considered a lavish addition to your kitchen. However, with integrated options, sleek exteriors, and advanced technology, your fridge can become a focal point of a luxury kitchen design. Similarly, ranges with rows of burners, high-tech ovens, sleek microwaves, and double or triple sinks can add to the style and sophistication of your space while enhancing functionality. Even small appliances, like coffee makers and drink dispensers, can be integrated into your space to fit your lifestyle and eliminate the countertop clutter.
  • Cabinets: Custom cabinets are a hallmark of luxury kitchen design. Cabinets designed and built to fit your space allow unlimited possibilities in both style and function. Whether you prefer deep, rich woods like cherry or ebony or bright and modern cabinets with a pop of color, the exterior is only the beginning. Interior construction, custom storage options, and intricately designed molding and styles boast skilled craftsmanship, all while showcasing an elegant presentation.
  • Color: Bright lights and bold color are the finishing touches to an elegant and sophisticated design. All white or even complete neutrals aren’t the only way to pull off a chic space. A single color in the glass or a show-stopping backsplash gives a unique style to the space.
  • Lighting: Different areas of your kitchen require different lighting. Bright LEDs are best over workstations, while softer yellow lights work best over tables and bars. Combination lighting, rather than one-note fixtures, give custom options and beautifully blended design.

High End Kitchen Designer in Northern Virginia

Combining Luxury and Function

A design that isn’t efficient and functional isn’t luxurious–it’s just pretty. Our team understands that kitchens must work well with our clients’ lifestyle, as well as providing a beautiful space they’ll enjoy. Our challenge is to take the ordinary and functional and elevate it with our designs.

We create storage solutions that are both beautiful and clever. Suspended pot racks can create a statement piece, all while making your pots and pans more accessible. Modern suspended shelves can be incorporated into your design and provide both beauty and functionality by acting as both a showplace for prized crockery and storage for everyday items. Etched glass on cabinet fronts creates breathtaking design while protecting items from dust and grease.

With a little creativity, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. A sink space is elevated with an integrated draining board, mixing tap, and an extendable nozzle in a premiere, stainless steel finish. A pantry becomes so much more than a space to store food when you add roll-out shelving and motion-detected lighting.

Our process:

We focus on luxury design projects to create lavish lifestyles, even in the smallest of spaces. Because every client and project is unique, we give you individual attention to ensure success. We start by understanding your lifestyle, your needs, and your ultimate wish list. From there, our step by step process is thorough and includes five basic steps:

  • Conceptual Design– We start creating a design using a collaboration of ideas, inspiration, and design boards to gather materials, finishes, and design options. This is where you can give us all your hopes and dreams for your ultimate kitchen and we put everything into a conceptual design.
  • Space Planning– Once we know what the goal is, we work with your current space to find the best shapes, solutions, and layout in order to maximize function and create the design you’re looking for.
  • Cabinet Layouts– Our custom cabinetry options give you limitless potential to create storage options tailored to your exact space. We can pair you with the best in the industry to create custom cabinets fitted to your space that optimize your options in storage solutions.
  • Electrical and Lighting– Based on your planning for seating, cooking, prep, and storage, we create task, ambient, and overhead lighting for each different area in your kitchen.
  • 3D Renderings– Once we have all the details on paper, we then work with our design team to create a 3D rendering to bring your kitchen design project to life. This makes it easy for you to see the finished design in full before we begin the transformation of your kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Remodeling in Great Falls, VA

Why AKG Design Studio?

At AKG Design Studio, we provide a start-to-finish process with a high-touch approach and complete transparency to create the kitchen of your dreams and maintain close relationships with each client. If you’re done with the ordinary and you’re ready to elevate your space, we are the right team for the job.

With over 15 years of expertise in the industry, award-winning designer Anna K. Gibson understands how to turn vision into reality. We build our foundation with each client on trust and open communication, making sure you stay as involved in the overall project as you choose. We handle the paperwork, the progression, and the problems that arise along the way if there are any.

We guarantee our best work and amazing transformations of your space, each and every time we are chosen to handle a kitchen design project. From start to finish, we listen to your desires and work to deliver dream designs for every client. We are honored to work with those in Great Falls, McLean, Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, and other surrounding areas in Northern VA. Let us go to work for you. Contact us today to speak to our design team.

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