Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design - Northern VA - - AKG Design Studio
Bathroom Design - Northern VA - - AKG Design Studio

Let’s transform your bathroom into the perfect sanctuary.


But for many people, the bathroom is the first room they enter every morning and the last one they use before bed. It’s of the utmost importance that you start and end each day in a luxurious space where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

At AKG Design Studio, our role is to help make your vision for your home a reality—yes, even those wild design dreams you doubted could come true. Your bathroom should be the perfect fit for you, whether you enjoy indulgent hour-long baths, are chasing after young kids (and the dog), or are thriving in place.

You can trust us to ensure that every aspect of our designs reflects your vision while maximizing functionality and style.


During the design process, we’ll work closely with you to nail down every detail of a new bathroom that matches your lifestyle and tastes. This might mean upgrading the vanity, maximizing storage space, or adding new features like a curbless shower, freestanding tub, or even a steam shower.

The amenities in a bathroom can also include all kinds of special touches, such as smart lighting, soothing music, and even a shelf for your glass of wine. We’re here to discover what works best for you and make the process truly stress-free and (we promise!) fun.

“Anna knows products, quality, and prices. She understands the construction process. Her designs are contemporary and timeless.”

—JoAnn | VA

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