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The Best of Bathroom Design: How To Be Functional and Modern

Photo of a bathroom design project showing a vanity with drawers and a clean countertop

The bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your home. It serves numerous purposes for both your family and your guests. These spaces should be beautiful, functional, and luxurious. Designing a bathroom is more than choosing accessories and color matching; it is the art and science of understanding a person’s behavior in relation to their space.

Because the bathroom is used frequently and serves multiple purposes, special attention should be paid to the effectiveness of the design. Successful bathroom design gives you the ability to create a space that helps you rejuvenate in the morning, relax in the evening, and refresh throughout the day.

Maximizing Small Spaces

Most homes have multiple bathrooms. There’s the master bathroom, the convenient three-quarter bath, the full bath, and the tiniest space of all–the powder room. No matter the size, there’s a variety of options for each. Whether you are choosing to design a spa retreat in the master suite or a pint-sized powder room down the hall, your bathroom should be a spotlight of your personal style. Dealing with a smaller space does not mean your design options are limited. There are multiple ways to make the most out of the space you have to work with.

  • Lighting

Lighting is one way to make a significant impact when it comes to making any space feel more open. Finding the right light fixture means it can provide bright, more natural light for the morning, and more romantic, sconce lighting for the evening. Being able to adjust the brightness of the room at the flip of a switch can also help you look and feel your best. Choosing the right lighting option will be invaluable when applying makeup and styling your hair. You should never leave the house feeling any less than your best, and with our help, you won’t have to.

  • Paint

Paint or color selection is another way to make a statement. Bathrooms can handle a bold wall color, especially a half bath or powder room where make-up lighting is not a concern. Otherwise, you can keep things bright and neutral while adding color in other ways, such as accent pieces or accessory finishes.

  • Storage

Storage is often a problem for the bathroom. With linens, toiletries, hair care, and hygiene products to consider, there are lots of items to store in a small space! We ensure every inch of your bathroom serves a purpose and that no space goes unused. Successfully designing a small space is all about keeping the necessities in an easy to reach place, while maintaining a comfortable and clutter-free space.

Maintaining Function

Aside from its obvious functions, the bathroom is also one of the only rooms in the house where you can easily lock yourself inside for a half-hour to escape the noise of life, the stress of the day, and even the chaos that is taking place right outside the door. Many homeowners are choosing to make the bathroom a retreat by adding options that are more efficiently suited to their unique lifestyle.

Products that integrate modern technology and feature self-cleaning and hygiene focused functions are just one way to elevate your bathroom space. Flat screen televisions, full makeup studios, and even installing a coffee maker can take bathroom function to new heights. Whatever you need (and want) in your bathroom can and should be yours. We work to deliver innovative solutions to successfully bring your dream bathroom to life. We understand that if your bathroom functions more efficiently, so can you.

Functional Bathroom Layouts from Certified Designer in Northern Virginia

Benefits of Successful Bathroom Design

Understanding how to design a space means understanding how a person’s mood and behavior can change in relation to their surroundings. Both, you and your home, will benefit from a bathroom design project. A beautiful and functional bathroom creates the right environment for the start and the end of the day. Successful bathroom design transforms boring bathrooms into private and personal sanctuaries.

Designing a bathroom is not an easy mission. There’s plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems to consider, as well as space, layout, and storage components to account for. A professional designer takes the worry out of the work by ensuring that these concerns managed effectively and efficiently. This means that each aspect of the entire process effortlessly comes together to ensure that your bathroom design process is a success.

While you can make small changes on your own, when it comes to design projects, the experience of an expert is invaluable. Whether you’re looking for a simple refresh with new finishes and an updated design, or you’re ready for a complete revamp, a professional bathroom design can add value to both your home and your everyday life.

Why Hire a Bathroom Designer?

If you dream of a bathroom like those featured in popular magazines, but just can’t decide where to start, hiring a professional bathroom designer is the answer to help you create the look and feel you’ve imagined. The truth is, any homeowner in any neighborhood can benefit from the expertise and resources provided by a professional. Bathroom designers start by helping clients assess needs and clarify priorities, but that is only one benefit brought by a professional design company.

  • Save Money

That’s right. Designers can help save you money. By avoiding costly mistakes or decisions you may regret later, professional design services make sure you follow your budget and get you the results you want the first time. Working with a professional designer means you are guided throughout the entire design project, from start to finish.

  • Accessibility

Professional designers have exclusive access to some resources. AKG Design Studio partners with third-party companies for extra and/or specific purposes. We go above and beyond big-box department stores to particular businesses and individuals that provide exclusive bathroom options you cannot find anywhere else. The relationships we have with others in the industry provides clients with access to exclusive materials, custom design pieces, and other products that are not sold to the public.

  • Management

Because of the long-standing relationships with vendors, contractors, and manufacturers, professional designers can manage the entire project, from minor fixes to major overhauls. As an add-on service, AKG Design Studio offers project management, where we oversee your bathroom transformation. With a professional design company on your side, you no longer have to play the role of a general contractor. We will be responsible for finding and talking to vendors, accepting deliveries, scheduling work to be done or making sure invoices are paid. We handle all of that, from beginning to end, while making sure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Our Process:

At AKG Design Studio, we keep our process seamless and streamlined to provide the vision you’ve imagined. Our process guarantees individual attention to your wants and needs for the purpose of creating a bathroom space that is exclusively and elegantly fitted to your lifestyle.

The first meeting always occurs in the client’s home, so we can see the space, evaluate options, and take initial measurements. This allows our design team to get started on the process of making the bathroom of your dreams into a reality. Next, we take all the information we have collected and convert it into your personalized design package. These design options are transformed into a presentation that allows you to see the possibilities for your space. Real floor plans and 3D renderings make it easy to envision the transformation before the work begins.

When it’s time to go shopping, most clients love to explore their options. We guide you through the buying process, connecting you with private vendors and unique options to help you make the best choices for your wants, your needs, and your budget. While shopping is not required, it is often the best part of the process, allowing the client to interact with endless possibilities to pick and choose pieces and products that are suited to their daily lives.

Once you have the design selected and the products chosen, we provide you with a complete design package. This includes floor plans, elevations, cabinet specifications, floor selections, tile layout, hardware, wall colors, and more. From here, you give your stamp of approval and the work begins. At this point, AKG Design Studio can also continue to guard and guide your bathroom design with our project management services and oversee your project as it begins to come to life.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling in Great Falls, VA

Why AKG Design Studio?

With over 15 years of industry experience, Anna K. Gibson of AKG Design Studios understands how to create bathrooms that are designed for real life. By creating strong relationships based on honesty and transparency, AKG Design Studio was chosen as the Best in Customer Service two years in a row by more than 40 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

We understand how difficult, demanding, and intrusive a design project of such magnitude can be. Working with AKG Design Studio means there is no guesswork, no complications, and no delays in schedule. We are honored to work with those in Great Falls, McLean, Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, and other surrounding areas in Northern VA.

Every client is special, and every project is different. As our client, we promise to take your perspectives, your visions, and your ideas and make them the forefront of our focus. We work to create a space that works for you. We promise to create a bathroom design that is both functional and beautiful: one that commands attention and meets the demands of your lifestyle.

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