Kitchen Design

What is kitchen design?

Designing kitchens involve choosing lots of different materials, colors, appliances, and finishes. However, the most important part is the layout. Without a proper design, none of those selections are going to fit right for the perfect function and form. A certified kitchen designer can help you put all those pieces together.

What is the role of a kitchen designer?

Whether our client has a vision or needs help envisioning their dream kitchen or bathroom, the role of the kitchen designer is to bring the client’s project and ideas to life. AKG Design Studio will “interview” the client at the first meeting to get to know their lifestyle. AKG Design Studio will create a vision board based on the customer’s  taste and preferences.

Can a kitchen be aesthetically beautiful and functional?

While working on the style, AKG Design will also work on the function. Laying out the space based on the client’s lifestyle and needs. Whether the customer needs to spend more time their kids, is a budding chef, or love to hosts, AKG Design Studio will create the perfect layout. At AKG Design Studio, we want to make sure that all your dishes and appliances have a home and when the client unpacks, they know where each item goes, while having an aesthetically beautiful space.

How does the client visually see the kitchen design before the project starts?

After reviewing the function and form, AKG Design Studio will create a plan with layouts, elevation, a vision board and material samples.  At this time, the AKG Design team and the client will meet to review all of the plans, at this meeting we will discuss any changes and start the selection process of the kitchen materials. No matter what their style or preference is, AKG Design Studio will work to make it all vibe together for a picture perfect kitchen.  

After all the client’s selections are complete, they will have a full package of the design and selection which can then be implemented by the contractor.

How long does AKG Design Studio stay involved in the project?

When you hire AKG Design Studio to design your space, we will walk you through every step of the design process, helping our client understand the different options and how they will impact the layout, style, and budget. When adding project management option to your AKG Design Studio package, we will help transform what can be a stressful process to a smooth journey, ensuring that our clients are left in a space they love to be in.  

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