The ABCs of Kitchen Cabinets, Part 2

As a follow-up to our last blog, Kitchen Cabinets 101, today, we are talking about what cabinets are made of. Most think kitchen cabinets are made of wood, which is mostly right, but cabinets can also be made from other materials. Below you will find the different types of materials that kitchen cabinets can be

Kitchen Cabinets 101

With so many kitchen cabinet styles, it is so hard to choose. Have you wondered why that is, or if they are all created equal? Cabinets come in various levels, and with each level, they vary in style, selection, and value. Moreover, although, you can choose any line out there for your new kitchen project,

How to Alleviate Contractor Anxiety

Do you have contractor anxiety? A fear of hiring a contractor because you worry you will be over remodeling budget or your home will be under construction longer than anticipated? Are you worried you will not get the results you envisioned in your head? We recommend keeping these five categories in mind to calm your

Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

Have you ever looked at the outside of a home and thought, that is so small, but then walked in and just could not believe how roomy and comfortable it felt despite its small size? Small kitchens are no different if done correctly. We love making small kitchens look and feel big while giving the

Planning to Downsize?

Downsizing my seem like an intimidating task, but Anna has some tips to make it a little easier. Listen to this short clip from WTOP radio on tackling downsizing.

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